Evangelical Congregational Church of India
Reaching the World for Christ


Welcome to the Website of the Evangelical Congregational Church of India. Thank you for taking the time to visit us. We invite you to browse our pages and get to know us better.

We further welcome you to join us in the exciting adventure of spreading the Gospel across the land of India which is considered to be the most populated country in the world today!
Evangelical Congregational Church of India

As a part of the Universal Church of God we are a body that seeks to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ through life and work.

We are a conglomeration of six different tribes joining hands together for mutual encouragement and partnership in the Gospel.

We are committed to the propagation of the Gospel in India, preaching in the places where Jesus had never been preached. We welcome like-minded Christians to join us in this exciting adventure of living out the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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